BBC Director General Announces New Channel for Scotland

By Holly Brockwell on at

BBC Director General Tony Hall has unveiled plans for a new TV channel, BBC Scotland, which will show "drama, factual, comedy and news programmes made in Scotland."

The Beeb is spending £30m on the new channel, as well as earmarking another £20m a year for UK-wide network programmes made in Scotland. Hall says it's the "biggest single investment in broadcast content in Scotland for more than 20 years," explaining:

We know that viewers in Scotland love BBC television, but we also know that they want us to better reflect their lives and better reflect modern Scotland. It is vital that we get this right. The best way of achieving that is a dedicated channel for Scotland.

It’s a channel that will be bold, creative and ambitious, with a brand-new Scotland-edited international news programme at its heart. The BBC has the luxury of having first-class creative teams and brilliant journalists, who I know will make this new channel a huge success.

BBC Scotland will only broadcast between 7pm and midnight, with an hour-long Scottish-made news programme at 9. Assuming it's approved by Ofcom and the BBC’s new unitary board, it'll begin broadcasting in autumn next year, providing 80 new jobs for journalists.