BBC Wales Mildly Offends the English

By Gary Cutlack on at

A BBC Wales advert for its coverage of the Wales v England rugby match has been pulled, after the Global Taking Offense Police took offense and decided it was not politically correct enough to exist in today's hypersensitive world.

The advert, which has been saved and embedded by the Mirror in its proprietary format if you are English and want to pretend to be furious about licence fee payers' money being spent on mocking a fellow member of the union, saw Welsh people being asked the question: "What's good about England?" then, for comic effect, left them standing there pulling funny faces and trying to think of something. The subtext being England is shit and will lose at the rugby and the only good thing about it any more is the food that came in with the immigrants, Wimbledon and Mary Berry.

This attempt at sporting banter misfired, though, leading to BBC Wales pulling the promo. A BBC spokesperson said: "This was a tongue-in-cheek approach that wasn't meant to cause offence, but was pulled after not hitting the right note." [BBC]

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