Big Brand Ads Accidentally Fund Terrorists Online

By Gary Cutlack on at

The way the planet's biggest brands farm their adverts out in an effort to hit as many eyeballs as possible is having some unfortunate unintended results, with ads for some of the largest companies appearing online alongside terrorist rants -- presumably earning hate speakers a nice chunk of change for plays and clicks.

This comes from The Times, which also says pornography sites are benefitting from slack policies from those who place adverts around the margins of everything on behalf of the mammoth brands. It found that ads for the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Waitrose and Halifax often appear when its reporters are reading about terror and browsing porn on their lunch breaks, where the pay-per-click campaigns are directly supporting propaganda put out there by extreme groups such as Islamic State and Combat 18.

The companies involved, of course, say they don't know it's happening, as all they care about is generating maximum view numbers for their latest bit of animating tat, plus they have agencies to do it all on their behalf and take the blame when a funny animated CG cat character tops and tails a DIY bomb guide. [The Times via Independent]

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