Booze and Alcohol on the Way Out as National Hobbies

By Gary Cutlack on at

Statistics looking at how UK families spend their money shows that alcohol and cigarettes are consuming less of our cash than ever before, with the average spend on booze and fags down to nearly half what it was back in the hard-partying days of the year 2000.

That's according to numbers counted up by the Office for National Statistics' Family Spending Survey, which says that, overall, the average mum and dad put aside just £11.40 a week on the famously bad combination popularised by generations of celebrities -- down from nearly £20 a week at the turn of the millennium. There's a big regional variation, mind, with the average English family spending £2.90 a week on tobacco, compared with a spend of £6.60 in Northern Ireland.

Instead, we're buying posher food and having other people scrape the fat and peas into the bin, with £45 a week now spent on going out to eat in restaurants and pop-up ironic boutique burger caravans. In total, families spend £528.90 a week on everything, including housing and transport, which seems like... loads. Calm down on the Waitrose deliveries, everyone. [BBC]

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