Bristol Student Accidentally Made High Explosive in Chemistry Experiment

By Gary Cutlack on at

A student at Bristol University has generated quite the amazing anecdote to tell people he or she meets for the rest of his life, after forcing the uni to evacuate its buildings when it turned out that the dangerous explosive triacetone triperoxide, or TATP as it's known in DIY terror circles, had been manufactured during a routine chemistry experiment.

Hence students and staff having to leave several university buildings while the emergency services came to carry out a controlled disposal of the substance.  A spokesperson for Bristol University said: "As soon as the presence of TATP was identified the student immediately notified those responsible for laboratory safety in the school. A series of actions were then taken which resulted in the precautionary evacuation of the chemistry building and surrounding buildings and the controlled disposal of the substance by the emergency services."

It seems easy enough to make by accident according to a few bomb-making web sites I've just ruined my ISP search history log for the next year by looking at, with a combination of acetone, hydrogen peroxide and acid being all you really need. [BBC]

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