Brits Won't Benefit From EU Roaming Caps Post-Brexit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Great news, everyone! The days of being too terrified to even use your phone as a clock when on holiday lest it cost you money are coming back, with the bureaucrats behind the EU's new total block on network roaming fees saying it WON'T automatically apply to travelling UK residents once the Brexit scenario is in place in 2019 or thereabouts.

This comes from an analysis of the roaming ban laws which the EU has been working on for years  and will finally come into place this year. The European parliament’s industry, research and energy committee has written a document looking at what will happen to UK consumers post-2019, which explains that: "...regulation (EU) No 531/2012 on roaming will no longer apply with respect to the UK, impacting business and other travellers to and from the UK."

So the networks will be free to make up their own calling charges again, unless the government, as one of its millions of separate negotiations needed to handle the Brexit switch, manages to strike a similar deal or put some sort of transitional arrangement in place. [Guardian]

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