Coke to Test Bottle Deposit Scheme in Scotland

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Coca-Cola drinks-and-therefore-plastic-bottle production giant has changed its stance on the concept of the bottle recycling deposit scheme, deciding that it may well be a good idea for its international image if it was to start encouraging recycling by adding a small refundable deposit to the price of each bottle it sells. Hence collecting old bottles might become a nice hobby again, like it was years ago when it was glass being refunded.

Coke told an event organised by Holyrood magazine that it agrees with ideas floated by the Scottish government and environmentalists that such a return-and-refund scheme would be great for the world and/or its image, with a spokesperson saying: "The time is right to trial new interventions such as a well-designed deposit scheme for drinks containers, starting in Scotland where conversations are under way."

The Scottish parliament has an environment committee that's already looking into how it might work -- it does already in other countries like Canada and Norway -- with the general accepted idea being that around 10p might be added to the price of a bottle or can of the brown liquid, money that can be reclaimed, if you can be bothered, by returning empties to an official recycling point.

Coca-Cola says its own research says 63 per cent of UK people back such a move, as we all like to pretend we can be bothered about stuff like this. Until it's late and the recycling lorry's coming tomorrow, so fuck it, just flush it all down the toilet instead. [Guardian]

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