Creative Geniuses at Apple Devise Brilliant Name for Fabled Spaceship Campus

By Christina Warren on at

After nearly six years of toil, Apple’s long-anticipated campus, you know the thing that looks like a giant spaceship, will open to employees in April. Given the hype, and the amount of time Apple had to think about it, we’re a little surprised by the new HQ’s understated name: Apple Park.

Look, we get it, sometimes a simple name is good. The iPhone comes to mind! But come on Apple, this is a literal spaceship. Give us some pizazz. Give us some fun! Google has the Googleplex, Facebook has MPK20, and Apple has... Park?

The new 175 acre campus will house 12,000 employees and looks like something out of another world. Every detail of the campus was laboured over, and it was apparently a total nightmare to build. As such, it deserves a snazzier name. Here are a few suggestions from the Gizmodo staff:

  • Apple Core
  • Apple Orchard
  • Apple iPad
  • iCampus
  • campusOS
  • iWork HQ
  • Apple Spaceship Pro
  • Infinite Loop 2.0

Image: Apple

We’ve been covering the saga of Apple’s long-awaited spaceship campus from the very beginning. We were there when Steve Jobs was selling his vision to the Cupertino City Council. We were there when the company’s then-CFO was telling the area neighbors that it would be fantastic. We were there when the construction resulted in a hill. We were also there when the hill died.

The project reportedly cost over $5 billion to build. Apple originally targeted a 2015 move-in date, but that was pushed back several times as the project continued to grow in scope and budget.

And now we’re finally here. Apple Park. [Apple]