Dildos Are Safer Than Dolls, Says Swedish Study

By Holly Brockwell on at

The Swedish Chemicals Agency (SCA) has found that more children's toys than sex toys contain banned chemicals. Their research showed that while just 2% of the imported sex toys studied contained dodgy substances, the figure for children's toys was much higher at 15%.

The Guardian reports that while the only banned substance found in a sex toy was cancer-causing chlorinated paraffin, the kids' toys contained much more serious substances including lead. It's worth noting that the sample size for both studies was relatively small, though: 112 children's toys and 44 sex toys.

Obviously, ideally neither teddies nor Rabbits would contain things that might kill us, but you'd think manufacturers would be a bit more careful with kiddies' products. Particularly as an angry parent seems much more likely to sue than someone who got ill from their dildo. [The Guardian]

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