Don't Expect a New Motorola Smartwatch Anytime Soon

By Tom Pritchard on at

Smartwatches are dead. Everyone (except Huawei) knows it. Pebble is gone. The Apple Watch is hanging on, but not by much, and there's no real need to spend hundreds of pounds on a device that's less functional than your phone. So it should be no surprise that Motorola has no immediate plans to release any smartwatches.

The second (and currently last) Moto 360 arrived back in September of 2015, and we haven't heard a peep since. Now that MWC is going on in Barcelona, TechRadar had the chance to ask about what the company's plan was for its wearable line-up. Miles Norman, General Manager UK & Ireland & European Operators at Motorola said:

At the moment, we’re evaluating the wearable space. We see it as something that really needs a killer user application and that’s probably a little bit missing at the moment. There’s some cool stuff that’s out there – but we’re looking for something that’s really, absolutely fantastic. That’s what we’re looking at at the moment. We’ll see what comes in the future.”

Norman also confirmed that the Moto 360 is selling well, and there are no plans to remove the product from sale. While this news doesn't mean Motorola is done with smartwatches for good, it does show that it's being a bit more wary when it comes to bringing a device to market. After all, smartwatches aren't particularly useful when compared to a smartphone, and at the moment the best reason people seem to have to buy one is if that some of them are cheap.

Giz UK is on the floor at MWC in Barcelona! We're going to have plenty of coverage coming in over the next few days, and you can catch up on it all here.