EE Suggests Renting a Drone to Provide You With Your Rural Mobile Data

By Gary Cutlack on at

EE has announced its rubbish 2017 festival stunt earlier than usual this year, in the form of the Helikite -- a drone/balloon hybrid capable of delivering local voice and data services.

The worthy part of the project is the option of using it to provide emergency connectivity in areas hit by floods and other natural disasters, although EE's chief exec Marc Allera is quite keen to promote the personal, glamorous uses. Allera said: "Looking ahead, I see innovations like this revolutionising the way people connect. We're developing the concept of 'coverage on demand'. What if an event organiser could request a temporary EE capacity increase in a rural area, or a climber going up Ben Nevis could order an EE aerial coverage solution to follow them as they climb?"

So that's your Glastonbury Wi-Fi sorted out this year, so you can stay in the tent watching it all on the BBC.

Further into the the future EE sees this being delivered by drone, although its the dumb balloon version of the "air mast" concept that is set to launch first -- some time this year, they say. [EE]

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