Every Lamp Post Could be a Wind Turbine

By Gary Cutlack on at

This amazing vision of the future could be coming to a high street near you, as long as it doesn't shred up all the pigeons and leave the roads littered with blood and feathers. It's the work of Scottish companies NVT Group and Own Energy Solutions, who foresee the UK as a land in which the street lights power themselves so there's more electricity left in the bank for kettles and phone chargers.

Own Energy says the bladed system and inverter can power the light and also feed the remainder back into the grid, and it says the UK's impressive stock of quality lamp posts means there's the potential to have two million such mini turbines popping away, stopping 500kg of carbon being released into the atmosphere over the lifetime of each unit.

Own Energy's David Gordon said: "There are around 10 million lampposts in the UK and upwards of 20 per cent of these are suitable for conversion, which makes this a very scalable business opportunity with huge export potential. We have already had positive preliminary discussions with UK public and private bodies and have had indications of interest from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ireland and South Africa." [Business Green]

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