Former Babylon 5 Director Is Making A Movie About Waiting In Line For Star Wars

By James Whitbrook on at

Sadly, it's not an official Star Wars Story anthology movie. Variety has announced that Dow — best known for his role as Wally on Leave it to Beaver, but also as a director with credits for Babylon 5Deep Space Nine, and more under his belt — is directing The Line Kings, which is literally a comedy movie about queuing.

Specifically, it's a movie about queuing to see a Star Wars film, a time-honoured tradition that's covered pretty much every film in the saga.

The film will follow a fictional group of Star Wars diehards who camp out in front of the iconic Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California, after Disney announces that the first people in line after four days will be given walk-on cameo roles in the next film in the saga. So it's not exclusively a movie about hardcore queuing, it will naturally devolve into the various groups of fans in line engaging in a "battle royale" in an attempt to win the coveted cameos.

It sounds ridiculous, but as we've covered in the past, there's something weirdly enjoyable and nostalgic about lining up for a Star Wars movie. We've reached a very meta point in the universe when we're getting a movie about it though.