Galaxy Note 7 Battery Factory Catches on Fire Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

A fire has broken out at a Chinese factory that produced batteries for Samsung's doomed Galaxy Note 7 device, as the misery surrounding everyone that's ever had anything to do with Samsung's global disaster continues.

Supplier Samsung SDI said that a "minor fire" started at the plant but didn't provide any further official explanation as to the cause. Local firefighters weren't so keen to keep a lid on the reason, though, telling reporters that it was a completed batch of lithium-ion batteries and some partially assembled units that triggered the fire.

Samsung SDI also said that the fire started in a "waste depository" part of the facility, so it's entirely possible that a pile of recalled Note 7's that were being disassembled and/or recycled is responsible for the incident. But that's just us guessing. [SCMP]

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