Government Ploughs £4m into Weird Local Council Idea Apps

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government's decided to weigh in on the digital cities side of things again, with today seeing £4m awarded to a basket of apps and data streaming solutions that might help near-future you avoid traffic and find a parking space via the magic of a smartphone. That you shouldn't be looking at while driving, but still.

It seems to be quite a good gravy train to get onboard if you can, with the scheme offering six-figure lump sums for solving problems with apps you'd expect students to be doing for free in return for £1 a day in ad click revenue, while also fixing things you'd expect councils to be fixing anyway.

Reading borough, for example, has received a whopping great £250,000 to fund vague improvements to its roadworks, parking and congestion warning systems, the sort of thing it should be doing anyway. Dorset council is well on its way to unicorn status thanks to getting £182k to pay for a "congestion warnings app," Blackpool wants £234k to somehow solve traffic problems with Bluetooth, and plenty of other councils also receiving huge lump sums to solve things you'd expect amateur Android developers to have solved in 2010 for a laugh.

They're teaching the kids to code in schools, for god's sake. Get them to do it all as homework. [GOV]

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