Great, Now Robots Will Make Us Go To Work When We're Ill

By Holly Brockwell on at

In their neverending quest to steal our jobs, a new mind-controlled robot has been designed to go to work in your place when you're off sick.

This means instead of laying in your sickbed watching Netflix and feeling sorry for yourself, technologically-advanced workplaces might expect you to send Aubot's new Teleport robot to the office while you control it with your mind. Talking about people too ill or contagious to leave the house, Aubot creator Marita Cheng tells Mashable:

"They can still go to meetings at work by putting on this headset and participating via our telepresence robot."


To be fair, Teleport is a ridiculously cool invention and could dramatically improve the lives of people who can't move about or leave the house for whatever reason, be it physical or emotional.

The Australian-made robot takes commands from the user with electrical brain activity (basically, concentration) and blinking. This means potentially even locked-in patients could make use of it as a sort of second body. Melbourne-based Aubot also makes Jeva, a robotic arm for people with limited upper mobility.

While the Teleport robot is described as "affordable," unsurprisingly technology like this doesn't come cheap. The full setup (telepresence robot plus brain-control device, called MindWave) comes to AU$4,000, or about £2,500. That's incredibly reasonable for what it is, but realistically it's still going to be out of each for many people who could benefit from it.

Luckily that means it's probably also out of budget for most workplaces, so you can pull that sickie without fear. For now. [Mashable]

Image: Aubot via YouTube