Great, Soon You'll Have to Mow the Bloody Smart-Carpet

By Gary Cutlack on at

A carpet that connects to your Wi-Fi so it knows the time of year and temperature and can adjust the length of its fibres accordingly is but one idea dreamed up by a group of forward-thinking, beige-sky carpeting engineers, men and women tasked with the idea of thinking about ways in which floor coverings might one day be gadgetised.

It comes courtesy of interior design specialist Hillarys, which asked consumers to think about how carpets might change from tedious and cumbersome stinking liability to empowering gadget. Some of the ideas were actually quite interesting, although with few doing more than can be achieved today by pointing an unattended webcam into a room.

64 per cent of the people who bothered responding to a bloody survey about sodding carpets said they'd like to see some sort of smart footfall detection integrated within future floor coverings, perhaps a system clever enough to work as a burglar alarm by tracking unfamiliar footfalls, or [serious face emoji] one that could sense when a vulnerable person has fallen out of bed.

More mundane modern uses for tech-embedded carpeting might include tracking where your pet goes when you're not home, or somehow creating self-cleaning carpets, or ones fitted with heating elements so it's nice and warm when you're lying down there immobilised with despair, staring unblinkingly at the gap at the bottom of the door and wondering if it's possible to make it through another day. [Hillarys]

Image credit: Tumblr

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