Happy Valentine's Day Everyone, Pornhub Wants To Be Your New 'Bae'

By Gizmodo Australia on at

Forget chocolates, tacky greeting cards, flowers that are technically already dead; Pornhub are giving the people what they really want this Valentine's Day - free (premium) porn.

Nicely played, Pornhub.

Here's the (relatively safe for work link) where you'll need to head in today to gain free premium access to a Valentine's Day of watching other people bumping (not so) uglies.

Pornhub says you won't need to use your credit card, there are no conditions attached, and you'll see ad-free, higher quality streams with the premium content.

"Get stoked to spend this V-day with your new bae, Pornhub Premium," is the promise.

Your new bae.


Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

Image: iStock

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