Hater Dating App Teams You With Similar Angry People

By Gary Cutlack on at

A clever new idea for a dating app has been had, with Hater promising to match people on the things they dislike rather than on what bands and films they pretend to enjoy to appear deep.

The app's in beta for iOS at the moment, and works a bit like an old 'Hot or Not' quiz. You swipe not on profile photos of site users but on things from the world that get on peoples' nerves, with the data then being used to pair matches with like minded haters of the same things.

So it's dating that's really based on personality rather than appearance, so... probably won't catch on. Love, hate, like and dislike are the swiping options, with over 2,000 topics to choose from, including Taylor Swift, Mr Trump, gluten-free food, selfies, camping and lots of other things people seem to mostly hate. So meet someone and have a rubbish time slagging everything off. [iTunes via NYMag]

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