In Your Face iPhone 7 Plus, Oppo's Phones Will Get 5x Optical Zoom

By Tom Pritchard on at

The big theme at this year's MWC is cameras. Cameras this, cameras that, colour, colour, colour. That's what I'm hearing. Now Chinese phone-maker Oppo is taking a stab at beating the competition to the punch, showing off a dual camera phone with a whopping 5x lossless optical zoom.

The dual-lens camera module is only 5.7mm thick - 10% thinner than most 2x optical zoom modules - and accounts for this slim form factor by using a periscope-like system to divert incoming light by 90-degrees into the sensor. Optical Image Stabilisation kicks in whenever you zoom in, ensuring that the final shot isn't wonky and completely useless.

Sure it probably can't compete with a pricey DLSR, but it's a big deal considering the best optical zoom any other smartphone has is 2x. Heck, this time last year smartphones didn't even have optical zoom at all. Just digital zoom, and all the problems that can arise there.

The module itself is supposedly the product a year's worth of development, and has been created in conjunction with Israeli startup Corephotonics. You may have heard of them, since they created the optical Hawkeye Camera that was showed off this time last year.

The only problem that arises is that Oppo has only developed the camera module, and doesn't seem to have implemented it into a commercial handset just yet. But the good news is that this tech exists, so it shouldn't be long before it starts popping up in other phones - Oppo or otherwise. [CNET]

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