IoT Mouse Traps as a Service Calls a Proper Man to do the Dirty Work

By Gary Cutlack on at

You can now get rid of mice from your home or business by doing nothing more than looking at your phone and waiting for a real man to come and sort it out, thanks to a new internet-connected mouse annihilation system that's available in the UK.

The ResiConnect modern killing system comes with a clever name for a trap they thought up; RADAR, or rodent activated detection and riddance, a system that does away with the possibility that some of the animal's guts might have come out on your floor, as the sci-fi mouse neutraliser is a laser-activated death chamber that uses twin beams to sense when a mouse is running through it, then locks the doors and gasses the thing with carbon dioxide. It's as humane as holding a very small pillow over its whiskery little face and whispering "It's OK, daddy loves you" while it slowly falls asleep.

It's not a one-off thing you can buy, though, with ResiConnect coming as more of a complete solution that a team of operatives will install, monitor and take care of flushing all the dead ones down a toilet of your choosing, for a price tag in the low thousands, depending on the size of your rodent problem. [Rentokil]

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