Iris and Fingerprint Scans Could Eradicate Physical Train Tickets

By Gary Cutlack on at

People trying to think up new ways that more travellers can be rammed onto our trains in less time have come up with an idea -- iris scanning. That way we can shuffle slowly forwards like automatons while being scanned by lasers, without breaking formation to get angry with a ticket machine. That'll be nice.

The idea comes from the Rail Delivery Group, which would like us to think about and believe in a concept it has created called the digital train. By which it hopefully means a train with usable Wi-Fi. The Group says that it foresees a future in which Bluetooth and biometric ticketing systems do away with the need for a bit of cardboard a man has to scribble on, plus, on a more mundane level, it would like the rail companies to think about introducing new forms of seating that free up more room for passengers.

And there will be trials of a ticketless mobile solution starting this year, with Chiltern Railways to test an app-based ticketing option between Oxford Parkway and London Marylebone in 2017. Other ways to make trains deserve the digital tag include enhanced signalling systems and trains that are able to communicate with each other, allowing more of them to run on the same lines. [Rail Delivery Group via Standard]

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