It's The Season Finale Of The Grand Tour - Here's A Free Way To Keep The Boys In Your Life

By Holly Brockwell on at

The season finale of The Grand Tour is now streaming, meaning series 1 has come to an end and we're once again without new episodes of car-based camaraderie. But there's a free way you can keep the GT boys in your life for a little longer - if you have an Amazon Alexa device.

The little-known feature is hidden on a sub-menu of a sub-menu, and allows you to set your alarm sound to a recording by Clarkson, Hammond and May custom-designed to get you the hell out of bed. It works on both the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices, and was released in November as a promo (the Grand Tour is an Amazon Prime exclusive).

If you have an Alexa device and you're sure you want to do this to yourself, go into the Alexa app and hit the hamburger menu to the left. Select Timers & Alarms, then the Alarms tab. Tap 'Manage alarm volume and default sound' then under 'Notification Sounds' tap whatever sound you currently have ('Simple Alarm' is the default) and you'll get a list of options. Tap Celebrity, and within that you'll find 'Grand Tour'. Finally.

We recommend keeping a note of how you did this so you can undo it when you inevitably get sick of it - because like the very best of mates, it can be really bloody annoying sometimes.

Main image: Amazon