Land Rover Brings Back the Original Range Rover

By Gary Cutlack on at

Land Rover's realised that all we really want is its classic old things back so we can pretend it's still 1987 and dad can fix everything, hence this glorious yellow monster -- a fully refurbished original Range Rover rebuilt by Land Rover staff using parts found across Europe.

The bad news is that the Reborn Range Rovers cost £135,000 and there's only 10 of them likely to be built and put up for sale at first. Hence all 10 are probably already on their way to Kanye West, Jamiroquai and eight fund managers in Dubai.

The MKI Range Rover was produced between 1970 and 1996 in this classic shape, with the Jaguar Land Rover Classic division handling these new rebuilds and promising to include zero mod cons -- just the glorious original 1970s factory spec, vinyl interiors and everything. [Top Gear]

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