Laser Pen Menaces Face New Government Crackdown

By Gary Cutlack on at

People who like pointing laser pens at things other than bullet points about cost savings in meeting rooms are the target of a new government crackdown, which will make it much easier for the law to punish people caught waving their magic red dot pens at aeroplanes, buses and trains.

The current rules only specifically outlaw shining a laser pen at a pilot, plus there's a requirement for the police to prove that the person actually endangered the safety of the aircraft with his or her laser-banter actions. Which must be quite the chore, as government stats say that 1,500 laser incidents are reported by pilots each year. Soon, though, all police will have to do is catch the culprit, as it'll be the shining of the laser that becomes the crime. Also, the powers will be widened to include ruffians dazzling train, bus and car drivers.

Chris Grayling, the secretary of state for transport, said: "Whilst we know laser pens can be fun and many users have good intentions, some are not aware of the risks of dazzling drivers or pilots putting public safety at risk. That’s why we want to take the common sense approach to strengthen our laws to protect the public from those who are unaware of the dangers or even worse, intentionally want to cause harm." [GOV]

Image credit: Wikipedia

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