Leave Voters Don't Trust Politicians or... Scientists

By Gary Cutlack on at

Research into the varying mindsets of people who voted either Leave or Remain in last year's EU referendum shows quite a range of differences in trust between the two camps, with those who voted Leave less likely to trust anyone across the board.

Obviously it's the politicians who come off worse, with everyone failing to believe a word they have to say any more and their trust percentages sitting at just five per cent in the combined YouGov data -- and Leave voters even less trusting of their words than the Remain crowd.

The largest difference in opinion came in the perceived trustworthiness of scientists, those boring, reliable old people who previous generations assumed had nothing to hide or lie about. The data showed a massive 20 per cent difference in opinion about the words of scientists between the Leave and Remain camps, with Leave voters the one much less likely to take Brian Cox's word for it about gravity, Saturn etc.

Civil servants and economists were also 20 per cent less trusted by Leave voters, who don't really appear to believe much of anything that anyone says. And there's also a class differential at play -- working class people were found to be less likely to trust the word of today's so-called experts than those deemed middle class. [YouGov]

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