London Sucks up Over Half of the UK's Transport Investment

By Gary Cutlack on at

You've probably noticed that most transport stuff we do here is about London and its new trains, new bike lanes, posh buses and the amazing new Hyperloop that links Beckton with North Greenwich, and it's for a good reason -- the capital luxuriates in receiving more than half of all the money spent on transport infrastructure in the UK.

The figures come from IPPR North, which says that the imbalance is damaging productivity and growth in the north, with around £1,943 spent per person in London on infrastructure projects -- and and average of just £427 per person across the not-London north. In Yorkshire the spend is just £190 per person, with the average lifted by road and rail projects in the north west that hit a more respectable £680 per person on transport spending for the 2016/17 period.

Report author Grace Blackley said: "The spending gap between London and the north remains huge but this is about more than money. The north needs to take back control over transport spending too, to sensibly invest in a range of northern infrastructure projects, and unlock more potential."

Crossrail is doing most of the damage, costing Londoners £4.7bn in the 2016/17 year; with the entire budget for all transport projects in the north sitting at £6.6bn. [Guardian]

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