London's Victoria Line Will Soon Have A Train Every 100 Seconds

By James O Malley on at

Good news for anyone who has ever tried to squeeze on a Victoria Line train during the morning rush hour: Transport for London has figured out how to squeeze even more trains on to the tracks.

The Evening Standard reports that from May it will be increasing the number of trains during morning and evening peaks from 34 trains per hour to 36 - which might not sound like much, but will mean that there’s two extra loads of 876 people per hour - that’s another 1752 people not standing around clogging up the platforms.

It will mean that during these peak hours a train arrives once every 100 seconds - that’s more than one train every two minutes.

The upgrade comes as TfL announces the end of a mammoth resignalling project on the Victoria Line and as the body confirms that the Piccadilly Line will be getting new trains the in 2020s. (We’re hoping they’ll be S-stock style, where you can walk the entire distance of the train).

So good news for commuters then, even though we’re fairly sure that you still won’t be able to get a seat. [Standard]

Image: Matt Seppings/Flickr