Microscopic Crystals Forming Look Like a Forest Growing Impossibly Fast

By Gizmodo on at

The world seems like it’s only full of ugly and terrible things right now, but find a microscope and you’ll discover there’s still beauty to be found. These microscopic crystals, invisible to the naked eye, look like forests full of towering trees spouting up from nothing when magnified hundreds of times.

What you’re actually looking at in this video are ammonium chloride crystals forming, enhanced with a red pigment to increase the contrast and drama of this time-lapse footage. Similar to table salt when it crystallises, ammonium chloride is used in everything from shampoo to batteries. It is, however, ideal for making relaxing videos when filmed at the microscopic level, and that’s exactly what most of us need right now. [Vimeo via Beauty Of Science via Laughing Squid]