New Official Videos Suggest Waterproof, Dustproof, Square-Based LG G6

By Holly Brockwell on at

LG's been busy on its YouTube channel, uploading three new videos that give us a clearer idea of what to expect from the new G6 smartphone.

The latest, 'Square,' shows off the domino-style interface we saw on the UX teaser video. Focusing on the camera, it shows off the way the 2:1 (or 18:9 as they're insisting on calling it) interface lets you snap photos and simultaneously preview them:

There's also a video named 'Pool' and one called 'Flour', which are pretty basic but strongly suggest the new phone will be both water- and dust-proof.

The description for Pool says "Taking a day off at the pool? Just relax and enjoy LG G6."

Meanwhile, Flour's description is "Stay apart from the particles. LG G6."

And finally, there's an interview with designer Torsten Valeur, who doesn't work for LG (he's President of David Lewis Designers) but has been a spokesperson for them in the past. This video gives a few more hints, including "The ideal fusion of the beautiful shape and clever solution" (presumably meaning the squares), "We all want to have a smartphone we can hold in one hand," and "Comfortable to hold, but still give [sic] you a very firm, secure grip."

However, despite talking about the "care and diligence that has been put into all the details," Valeur is clearly seen viewing a design on an Acer monitor rather than an LG, suggesting he doesn't use their products in his own studio. Awks.

The LG G6 will be unveiled on 26th February at MWC.