No One Uses Computers At The Weekend Anymore

By Holly Brockwell on at

A study from publishing analytics company Parse.ly shows that after clocking-off time on Friday, desktop web use plummets and we all start reading the internet on our phones instead.

While mobile traffic stays relatively consistent throughout the week, Axios reports that there's a consistent and dramatic dip in web pageviews from desktop devices every weekend. It's probably not the most surprising revelation, especially since many people don't even have a desktop computer at home anymore, but the study raises the interesting question of whether publishers should be creating different content for consumption on weekends.

Of course, people who work weekends will have a different usage pattern entirely, but it's handy to know that since it's Thursday, you're probably reading this on your work computer while avoiding that bastard sales presentation Boring Dave asked you to do. Glad to have you with us. [Axios]

Image: Pexels