O2 Hints at Ad-Blocking, or at Least Ad-Calming Measures

By Gary Cutlack on at

Another UK mobile network has raised the prospect of introducing an element of advertising blocking to its product, with O2's boss saying that his company has the technology to do such a thing so... maybe one day it will. Depending on how many decades back Google threatens to send it as a result.

O2's Mark Evans was speaking at Mobile World Congress, where he suggested that rather than block ads on a network level -- as Three announced last year but has so far bottled on actually introducing -- the controls should be placed with the user. So presumably one of O2's apps could be enhanced to include some sort of ad-filtering solution.

Evans said: "What we have the capability of doing, we’ll certainly look at considering deploying, is giving the customers the opportunity to reduce the level of advertising targeted towards them – that is a possibility. That would be a customer-driven outcome, not ours. In some respects, we’re agnostic. We believe it’s got to be a customer decision about how much advertising they get."

As in, blame the users not us, Google. Please let our internet page still come up. [Marketing]

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