Pokémon Go Gets A Big Shakeup This Week

By Holly Brockwell on at

If you've been waiting for the second generation of Pokémon to hit PoGo, you're in luck: this week sees a huge overhaul of the app, including over 80 new 'mon and a whole load of new features.

The new Pokémon are from the Johto region in Pokémon Gold and Silver, which means Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile and loads more - plus there'll be gender-specific variations of more critters than just Nidoran. You'll also be able to evolve some Kanto Pokémon into Johto ones, but you'll need "new Evolution items" which will be added to the Pokéstops for you to collect.

Also coming to Pokéstops will be two new berries - Nanab and Pinab. Nans slow the 'mon down to make it easier to grab, and Pinap gives you double candy for catching the creature - but only if you nail it on the next throw. It'll be easier to select berries and balls with the new menus on the catch screen. Here's an analysis of the new features from the launch video, by PoGo network TheSilphRoad:

And finally - if you've been wishing you could make your trainer avatar look a little more stylish - for some reason - you're in luck. Your PoGo Malibu Stacy's getting a new hat - and wardrobe. Yay...!

The timing of this update is a little strange - many trainers were hoping to get Gen 2 in the Valentine's Day event, which finished at 7pm last night - shortly after which, Niantic announced the new update coming "later this week." Seems to us they probably intended to have it ready for V-Day but couldn't quite meet the deadline. Still, we're not complaining - they could have just got us a bunch of flowers from the petrol station.

If you're about to comment on this article with "is anyone still playing Pokémon Go?", by the way, analysis by MusicMagpie this week showed that the app currently makes £101 a minute in the UK. In other words, more than you. Zing.