Pornhub Now Does Sex Education

By Holly Brockwell on at

Online masturbatory Pornhub has added a new string to its bow: a 'Sexual Wellness Centre' designed to help its customers learn about sex.

It's a sad fact of modern society that a lot of young people learn about sex from porn, meaning they end up with skewed and inaccurate ideas about what normal, healthy sex - and relationships - look like. Pornhub is aiming to redress the balance with its new site, which already has an impressive number of articles including 'What is consent?', '5 Tips to Help Adult Virgins Get A Partner' and a grimly encyclopaedic list of STIs.

The hub is fronted by Canadian Psychologist Dr Laurie Betito, who's been a practicing sex therapist for 25 years - so safe to say she knows her stuff.

This isn't the first porn-themed sex education site to hit the web - entrepreneur Cindy Gallop famously presented one of the most-discussed TED Talks of all time when she launched her site, Make Love Not Porn. In it, she talked about why young men learning about sex from porn can be a real problem (warning: very NSFW!):

However, while Cindy's site is undoubtedly a brilliant and useful thing, it's fair to say that a lot of the young people looking at 'standard' porn on sites like Pornhub won't know about it, or go looking for it. So it makes a lot of sense to have those educational resources just a click away - something to pass the time during the refractory period, perhaps?

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