SanDisk is Upping its iOS Storage Options to 256GB

By Tom Pritchard on at

iOS devices are irritating, because there's no option to expand your storage with removeable cards. So, obviously, you have to keeping coughing up the cash for all the storage, when Android users can just pop their microSD cards into a new phone.Thankfully companies like SanDisk have their own iOS and Lightning-compatible storage drives, and now they're getting even bigger.

Today at MWC, SanDisk announced that it will be launching 256GB versions of both its iXpand Flash Drive and Connect Wireless Stick.

iXpand drives plug into your iDevice's Lightning port, and come with an extra USB 3.0 connector so you can transfer data between your phone/iPad and your desktop. As the name suggests, the Connect Wireless Stick is wireless, and lets you transfer data without any physical connections. It also has AirPlay support, so you can stream content to your Apple TV (if you have one)

16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models of both devices are already available, and the 256GB model will cost £175. You can buy both the iXpand and Connect Wireless Stick on Amazon right now.

Giz UK is on the floor at MWC in Barcelona! We're going to have plenty of coverage coming in over the next few days, and you can catch up on it all here.