Sodastream Bottles Have Started Sploding

By Holly Brockwell on at

Just when you thought you were safe from random home explosions, 80s favourite Sodastream has followed in the sooty footsteps of Samsung and recalled a load of product for being a bit 'splodey.

The voluntary recall is currently only for the US and Canada, but the BBC reports it already affects more than 50,000 bottles and that it's not yet known whether any were sold in the UK.

The offending bottles are blue, with a blue base, state "dishwasher safe" and have an expiry date of 04/2020:

Image: Sodastream USA

Similar bottles are still on sale on the UK Sodastream site, though they very reassuringly state that they're "designed for there [sic] durability to withstand the pressure of carbonation." Hope the designers have better attention to detail than the writers – and indeed the people who run the official Sodastream blog, which is currently full of hackspam:

Sodastream says they're recalling the bottles "due to injury hazard," though apparently no one's reported being beaned in the head by a flying bottle cap yet.

It's not entirely surprising that relying on the public to force compressed air and liquid into plastic bottles while potentially uncaffeinated or distracted by kids might result in explosions. In fact, the most surprising thing about this story is that anyone's still buying Sodastreams. [BBC]

Main image: Unsplash, ironically enough