Teachers Test Body Cameras to Calm the Craziest Kids

By Gary Cutlack on at

A trial of body cameras is being operated by a couple of schools in England, with teachers using the threat of their behaviour being recorded and potentially used as evidence to try to calm down the most disruptive of children.

According to The Times, at least two secondary schools in England have been give the go-ahead to use the devices by their local education authorities. They're similar to the ones worn by many police officers, only, as a weird extra threat to the kids, they announce their intention to start recording a short time before capturing footage, effectively threatening the children to start behaving or else they're making the year-end YouTube bad boy compilation reel.

The idea is to handle the "low-level disruption" caused by troubled pupils, with the cameras constantly buffering an encrypted stream of the action in the classroom -- but only saving out a viewable chunk when a teacher hits the record button.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has warned that it needs to be done very carefully, saying: "Particular care needs to be taken when recording images that may involve children. Any organisation considering using body worn video cameras must justify their use and consider whether it is proportionate, necessary and address a pressing need not addressed by other measures." [The Times via Telegraph]

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