The BBC Has a Mini Planet Earth II Coming to Snapchat

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC's epic tale of things eating other things then having sex and dying is coming to Snapchat, for some odd reason, with a specifically built version of the nature documentary set to arrive on the social sharing format on February 17.

Six episodes will appear, as with the main series, with each themed episode cut down the the most thrilling 6-6 minutes. It's quite an exclusive for the social network, as the terrestrial TV version of the show is launching on BBC America a day later on the 18th of Feb, where Americans can get all racist about stuff like this living in their world and drinking their water:

Shoot the weird monster thing. Send it back to the jungle. As well as being optimised to fit the portrait display on Snapchat a special binaural sound feature is said to have been included, along with some exclusive footage that didn't make the cut of the big screen versions.

Sadly Sir David Attenborough has not made the cut. The more international youth market friendly form of actress Sophie Okonedo is doing the words for the Snapchat release. Also jarring to British viewers will be a Goldman Sachs sponsorship and adverts. [Engadget]

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