The Natural History Museum Found A Load Of Ancient Newspapers Inside A Whale

By Holly Brockwell on at

An enormous blue whale skeleton that's been at the Natural History Museum since 1892 has been found to contain a cache of 80-year-old newspapers.

The 130-year-old whale was being moved because it's going on display in the museum's Hintze Hall. While they got it ready, staff found that the discs between the vertebrae had been lost at some point, and replaced with wooden blocks, plaster of Paris, and bits of newspaper.

Conservation volunteer Patricia O'Brien has been painstakingly restoring the newspaper fragments so they can be read, and has found pieces of the London Evening News, the Evening Standard and the St Pancras Gazette. Only one of these still exists.

A few fragments of the Daily Gizmodo were also found, with articles including '10 Typewriters That'll Make You Feel Modern AF' and 'Queen Victoria's Latest Tweet Arrives By Telegram.'