The Really Blue Google Pixel Finally Comes To The UK

By Holly Brockwell on at

Remember October 2016? The world seemed like such a different place. The US was on track for its first ever female president, none of the Brexit tech price rises had kicked in yet, and George Michael was still with us.

That's how long it's taken Google to get the Really Blue edition of the Google Pixel - the only one with an actual colour, as opposed to black and silver - to the UK. But it's finally happened.

It's exclusive to EE, though, so if you're on another network you're still SOL.

The Pixel and Pixel XL in Really Blue are available to preorder on the EE store now, although the standard Pixel currently says it'll be about a week to dispatch and the XL is three weeks. Still, what's another few weeks when you've been waiting since before the world ended?

The price plans for the Pixel are, as you might expect, pretty hefty. On a two-year contract with no upfront cost, the ordinary Pixel starts at £45.99 a month with Daydream VR headset - which you should definitely get because it's ridiculously comfy - and for the Pixel XL, it's £50.99. You do get EE's WiFi calling, 4G calling, and the UK’s only CAT 9 (ie, very fast) 4G network though.

EE is also throwing in ten free BAFTA-winning films, including Les Miserables. Well, it is blue.