The Scariest Thrill Ride in the World Trades Safety for Sheer Terror

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you get queasy even on a docile Ferris Wheel, next time you’re at a carnival in Myanmar looking for a cheap thrill you’ll want to avoid a ride called the Tagada at all costs. Safety concerns aside, it looks like it would make even RAF test pilots lose their lunches as it spins and lurches, throwing riders in all directions.

The ride, which looks like a human-sized frying pan, features seats around the outside that quickly become nothing more than obstacles for riders to bump into. Lacking any seat belts or restraints, once the Tagada starts spinning and violently bouncing, riders are tossed around inside like vegetables in a stir fry.

We’re not against risking a few bumps and bruises to have a little fun, but the Tagada doesn’t look like it’s a particularly fun experience—unless you’re the type of person who really loves hitting turbulence when they fly. [YouTube via The Awesomer]