The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

It doesn't matter how many things that are available to watch, you never seem to be able to find anything interesting available. It doesn't matter if you have hundreds of satellite TV channels, various streaming service subscriptions, or whatever sketchy streaming and torrent sites are at your disposal. What's up with that anyway? If anyone knows the science, I'd love to hear a tl;dr version.

But while you mull that over, let's have a quick look over the best new and updated apps from last week.

Change4Life Sugar Smart (Update)

Free: Android iOS

Sugar is bad for you, there's no denying it, even if you don't have diabetes. Sugar Smart is an app that can tell you exactly how much sugar is in your food. All it needs is to scan the barcode, and the app will show much much of your RDA is inside whatever it is you're about to eat. This app has been around for a while, but the 2017 update comes with another 100,000 products for the database.

Chrome (Update)

Free: Android

A nice update to Google's browser this week, provided you're an Android user. With it comes a much-needed offline downloads feature, letting you save music, videos, and web pages for those times you won't have any signal. Text fields now have a built-in spell checker, you can view all your downloads without leaving the app, and improvements to contextual search. All in all, a much smarter browser experience for your phone.


Free: Android

This is a nice silly little app for those of you who have an aversion to 90-degree corners. It takes your usual Android display, and rounds off the corners to offer a much smoother look. There is an in-app purchase to upgrade, letting you ditch the ads and alter the size of your corners. You can also donate to the developers if you feel like it. It's simple, basic, but it adds a nice little touch.


Subscription: Android | iOS

Subscription services are all the rage these days, and the world of childrens' books is no exception. Epic is a library of books suitable for children aged 12 and under, with unlimited access to over 20,000 different books and audiobooks. It's not free, and prices start from £3.99 a month. That's, what, the cost of a single book every month? Pretty good deal if you ask me. The latest version also comes with educational videos, to make the whole thing that extra bit more value for money.

Lose it! (Update)

Free (with premium subscription): Android | iOS

Portion control is a big contributor to eating a healthy diet, but it certainly isn't easy to figure out by yourself. Lose it! has been around for a while, helping people shed those extra pounds and live a healthier lifestyle. The latest version comes with a serving size reference guide, showing you exactly how much a single serving is. It has a visual reference so you can get a good look at a serving, as well as how many calories each serving is.

Lego Life

Free: Android| iOS

A social network for kids, made by the folks at the Lego company. It's probably a good thing that this has arrived, now that Club Penguin is shutting down. It's got games, stickers, a minifigure creation tool, and the option to share your own Lego creations with the wider community. Naturally it's for kids, so security of of paramount importance. They need parents' permission, there's no advertising, no direct chatting, and proper user moderation.

Outlook (Update)

Free: iOS

Outlook has a reputation for being a great email app on iOS devices, and now it has some great new features that make it even better. The latest update lets you link the app to a number of third party add-ons that enhance your email experience. Some available right now include Giphy, Trello, Evernote, Translator, and more. At the moment they're only available to Office 365 users, with users coming fairly soon.

Pitch (Update)

Free: iOS

This is an app for musicians, designed to be a simple tool for tuning your instruments to any pitch standard. The latest update offers support for external microphones, so you don't have to deal with the basic one built into your device. That way you can use a better mic and make sure that pitch is perfect.

Steam Deals

Free: Windows

Steam games can be expensive if you always pay full price, but the platform does tend to offer a hefty number of discounts on a regular basis. Keeping track of them can be a pain however, which is where Steam Deals comes in. It keeps track of the various ongoing deals across multiple digital storefronts, letting you see a nice list of what's discounted and how much it currently costs. That includes Steam, GoG, Humble, Green Man Gaming, and more. So don't be a fool, and make sure you shop around before you buy.