The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Anyone know of a service that can take away all the cardboard in my house? I'll pay to get rid of this shite if I need to. I moved recently, and all these boxes are still just lying around because they don't fit in my recycling bin. The council is bringing another one, but who knows how long that'll take. I would go to the nearby dump, but it's a bit of a trek and I don't have a car. I got told off for going on foot last time, which is just bizarre.

But enough about my problems. Here's this week's list of apps.

Amazon Chime

Free: Android | iOS

This one is basically Amazon's own version of Slack, for all the people that haven't been using Slack or any of the other rip-offs that have popped up in the interim. It lets you communicate with your team, hold video conferences, share files, and conduct meetings - all without having to be in the same room.

Ancient World in VR

Free: Android

VR is great for transporting you to different places all over the world, but this one specifically takes you over to the ancient world. It beams you over to virtual recreations of ancient monuments in Paris, Rome, and Athens. The app prides itself on archaeological accuracy, and has taken every step to ensure what you see is how it appeared way back in olden times - based on the information we currently have. It's almost like having your own time machine, but without having to keep a plentiful supply of plutonium lying around.


Free: Android

Have you ever been using your Bluetooth headset (or headphones) only to find that the battery suddenly dies on you? It's a pain, and it would be less irritating it there was an easier way of keeping track of these things. BatON keeps tabs on your headsets (and other Bluetooth accessories that support GATT profiles), and gives you a buzz when they're running out of juice.


Free: Windows

If you want a client specifically designed for audiobooks, this is the one for you. Booxio can open up files firectly from your PC or expandable storage, ready to play. It also has a bookmarking feature,chapter support, a timer, and the option to change playback speed. It's also totally free with no adverts.


Free: Android | iOS

This one is nice and basic, it lets you create your own custom countdowns for events that you're looking forward to. Android users can also take advantage of a homepage widget.

Cuvva (Update)

Free: Android | iOS

This one is for anyone who needs car insurance, but only for short periods of time. Cuvva gets you cover from anywhere as low as a few hours, all the way up to 28 days. The latest update increases the cover period to 28 days, support drivers with provisional license, and a more accurate estimate of how much it's going to cost you.

I'm in Diary

Free: iOS

If you have trouble organising meet-up times with friends, this is one to try. It's a 'social calendar' that's designed around everyone finding a time that works for them, all with the push of a button. It'll check everyone's schedules, and come back with a result. It also has chat features to stay in touch, and, naturally, the option to create events.


Free: Android | iOS

In the age of 'alternative facts' you can never be too careful about what the internet presents. ooniprobe isn't a fact checker, but it is a tool designed to help people uncover instances of online censorship. You use the app to run a number of tests, designed to find evidence of network tampering, website blocking, and the presence of any systems that can be used for censorship or surveillance purposes. It's probably not going to do you, personally, much good in the short term, but you can help do your part.


Free: iOS

When you have kids, it can be hard to make friends. You know, because your life revolves around your kids. Peanuts is an app with a Tinder-style interface that matches mothers (and only mothers) with each other, because having friends who know what it's like can make things easier. You can connect and chat, then take things from there. It's weird that it takes dads out of the equation, but mums can dive straight in.


Free: iOS

This one is a cut down version of Twitter. So cut down, in fact, that it doesn't have any of the major features you'd associate with the platform. It's literally just the direct messaging feature, letting you directly contact people without having to deal with the hassle of timelines.