This Is How Lame You Look Trying to Be Cool Online

By Christina Warren on at

With the rise of online communities such as YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, a whole group of viewers are literally trying to emulate their favourite denizens of Team Internet. You might even know someone like that, the guy who constantly has his phone out, shooting video for his vlog (that very few people watch), and spending ridiculous amounts of time trying to capture the perfect humorous Instagram meme.

A new short film called Follow Me takes a look at what happens when a regular guy tries to convince himself that he too can be internet famous. Starring Mad TV’s Will Sasso (who had 2 million followers on Vine back in the day) as a “stay at home dad and content creator,” the short, directed by Marshall Cook, is a funny — if bleak — look at what trying to be an influencer looks like from the outside.