This Jacket Is A Great Way To Get Arrested At The Airport

By Holly Brockwell on at

As if it's not scary enough going through airport security in these times of paranoia and distrust, a new jacket seeking funding on Kickstarter looks set to make even coats look suspicious at check-in.

The Airport Jacket, yours for AU$299 (about £183), is festooned with pockets that allow you to carry up to fifteen kilos (!) of extra crap through the airport without having to pay baggage fees.

Jacket designer Claire Murphy explains: "With airlines beginning to charge for overhead carry-on baggage as well as severely restricting baggage allowances for the low fare economy traveller, my partner and I have designed a modular jacket that allows you to wear your laptop, tablet, two pairs of shoes, a pair of jeans, five t-shirts, a jumper and an SLR camera!"

This, apparently, will help you "beat baggage queues, reduce baggage fees and eliminate lost luggage whilst looking ultra stylish!"

Ultra stylish. We'll let you be the judge of that.

A jacket that combines those zip-off trousers from the 90s with drug dealer chic and a little bit of Neo from The Matrix. Just what we've always wanted.

It almost goes without saying that this idea is fraught with problems. For starters, luggage weight restrictions are there for a reason, and if everyone started bringing an extra 15 kg on the plane with them, we'd have problems. And then of course there's the security aspect: given that you already have to remove your jacket, shoes, belt and so on before you go through the scanner - not to mention leaving your Lucozade behind - I'm not sure how the creators of this product thought wearing a tonne of concealed pockets would make your life easier.

In fact, we're pretty sure attempting to board a flight wearing a long, hooded black jacket full of hidden items is a surefire way to get dragged off into a side room, possibly never to be seen again. If that sounds good to you, the Airport Jacket is on Kickstarter now.