This Smart Projector Teaches Rich Kids How To Draw

By Holly Brockwell on at

Since we definitely don't have enough app-connected over-engineered smart toys in the world, there's another one about to reach its funding goal on Kickstarter: Followgrams.

In fairness, it's a lovely idea: a brightly-coloured, nicely-designed projector that connects to your phone so you can take a photo of something, project it, and your child can trace it. But the problem is, tracing paper exists. So do printers. So does imagination. So you really don't need to spend $75 (about £60) on one of these - and that's just the early-bird price.

The other issue is the app. If this product reaches its goal, makes it to production and you actually get a working projector out of it (and those are some big ifs where crowdfunding's concerned), what happens when a year down the line, the team wants to do something else and stops updating the app? It does have an SD card slot, but you need the app to use it. So if the app goes kaput, it becomes an overpriced paperweight.

Nonetheless, lots of people seem to want one - at the time of writing, Followgrams has raised over $17k of its $20k (about £16,000) goal, and it's slated for July delivery if it gets the rest of the money. We just can't help thinking you could buy a heck of a lot of tracing paper for that money.

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