Tim Cook Thinks The UK Will Be "Just Fine" After Brexit

By Holly Brockwell on at

Apple CEO Tim Cook's on tour, hopping around Europe and now the UK for a series of increasingly toothy PR photos with appropriately noble companions - the latest of which is PM Theresa May.

May and Cook met at 10am Thursday at Downing Street to discuss "Apple’s investments in the UK and the importance of digital skills in the workforce," reports 9to5Mac, who go on to say that "May also outlined her Brexit plan to Cook." This is news to the rest of Britain, who had no idea she had a Brexit plan.

During this discussion, Cook apparently commented that Apple is "optimistic about Britain's future after it leaves the European Union" and that the UK will be "just fine" without the EU. Tim is presumably also optimistic about further opportunities for jacking up Apple prices in the UK and blaming it on Brexit.

During his tour, Cook also met with London Mayor Sadiq Khan to talk about Apple's swanky planned HQ at Battersea Power Station:

Image: @MayorOfLondon via Twitter

Apparently no one told him ties aren't cool anymore.

[Reuters. Main image: Andrea Sartorati via Flickr Creative Commons]