Trump's Tweets Make A Perfect '00s Emo Song

By Holly Brockwell on at

If you've been too depressed to open Twitter lately, this might help. Evil geniuses Superdeluxe have turned the 45th President's woe-is-me tweets into a song - specifically an early-2000s emo-style sadfest.

We didn't know we needed to hear "VOTER FRAAAAUD" screamed Linkin Park-style until now, but we did. We really did.

If that hasn't satisfied your appetite for Trump-based Twitter comedy, check out the TrumpNewYorker bot, built by our very own James O'Malley. It automatically mashes up new and classic Trump tweets with New Yorker cartoons - and sometimes it works almost too perfectly.

Give it a follow here - it's much nicer to see in your timeline than his real tweets.