Tweet for the Queen, and £30k a Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you think you can grit your teeth hard enough to say nice things about the monarchy all day, here's a nice job -- a temporary Digital Communications Officer on behalf of the royal lot. You get £30k a year for blogging about matters to do with royalty and news about royalty, while keeping your political feelings to nothing more than occasionally spelling out rude words using the first letter of each paragraph.

It's basically a modern blogging job, where applicants will populate the web site and social feeds of the royal family, keep an eye on analytics to react in real time with topical tweets about world events, but one that's bound to be made extra tedious by everything having to be checked a thousand times to make sure it's all legal, not offensive, and doesn't contain any republican subtext or references to taxpayer money or historical beheadings. Or Germany.

The bad news is you have to be a degree and experience of posting marketing drivel on behalf of brands, plus they'd like video production skills so there's going to be lots of boring editing work to do. Sounds like a terrible job. No wonder the previous holder opted to get pregnant to escape for a bit. [The Royal Household]

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