UK Given Final Warning Over Urban Air Pollution

By Gary Cutlack on at

The European Commission has written to the UK and the four other stinkiest-aired countries within the EU, demanding something is done about consistently failing to meet air quality standards in some urban zones -- or else.

Or else what isn't exactly clear, but the EC says we have two months to send it some sort of plan or face punishment at the Court of Justice of the EU. The warning letter says 16 air quality zones within the UK are guilty of continually breaching guidelines for nitrogen dioxide levels, although Germany has 28 failing areas so we're not quite the dirty old man of Europe.

The EC says, slightly patronisingly and as if it's really quite easy, that we might like to consider reducing traffic, switching to less polluting fuels by binning the diesels and transitioning to electric cars. Great ideas, thanks for the suggestions. We'll have that all done by tomorrow. [BBC]

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